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This is where you reclaim and maintain your functionality and your ability to do daily life tasks and meet daily challenges without issue. Rehab/ Reconditioning is simply a way to enable that and enable you to live the life you want to live. It need not necessarily be carrying huge load. It may start with exercises as simple as getting up from the chair without using support, or working on steps in a specific way. What matters is where you are at and how we can gradually bring you to your goal state and progress your quality of life. Reconditioning is a means to an end and the end is a better you.


Your fear of breaking your bone should not rule your life. Take control back via a 2-prong approach of shoring up your bone mineral density and upping your fall prevention game to reduce any chances of falling. If your legs are strong enough and if you are stable and have good balance, what are the chances you will fall or even need to be afraid your legs will give out underneath you? And when it comes to building bone mass, nothing beats exercise with varied loading schemes and appropriate nutrition. You can slow down or even arrest the fall in bone mass.You just have to do the right thing and work at it consistently.



Therapy in our setting often serves to work as an enabler to allow better movement, reduce discomfort, or help achieve increased mobility. This Earlygame which enables movement will allow the Midgame of reconditioning to help us achieve the Endgame of our goal functionality. Depending on what one needs, therapy may come in the form stretch therapy, soft tissue release, functional neurology, developmental kinesiology, or muscular activation. 

Move well and move more to move great.



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Be it a Rehab & Reconditioning program or an Osteoporosis program, Exercise is key. It can be blend of each program or either program itself depending on the individual's needs.



Therapy may come in the form of soft tissue work or functional neurology. The idea to enable movement and possibly reduce pain from suboptimal muscle firing and sequencing.



Be it a Rehab & Reconditioning program or an Osteoporosis program, Exercise is key. It can be blend of each program or either program itself depending on the individual's needs.



After a frustrating knee injury back in junior college which did not recover despite multiple visits to the doctors, TCM physician, and physiotherapy, YB gave up on any treatment and went jogging. He initially started slow before gradually increasing speed with each session. To his surprise, after many sessions of jogging, the knee recovered. That is when he found out that he had haphazardly rehabilitated his knee. That is also when he found out that despite whatever passive treatment we receive, rehab/ reconditioning is still key to helping one regain their functionality or even further improve it past its original state. From there on he explored many learning opportunities to arrive at his current knowledge level which is still progressing.


Below is a few of the education and certification that he has achieved-​

  • Master of Science in Kinesiology (ATSU), Dual track in Corrective Exercise & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Track and Adaptive Sports Track

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

  • OMT Dry Needling & Advanced Dry Needling

  • Rehabilitation Prague School Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Certified Exercise Trainer, and Course A, B, C

  • OD on Movement Mentorship

  • Gray’s Institute Certified Applied Functional Science

  • Human Motion Associates Mentorship Level 1

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1

  • Institute of Motion Mentorship Level 1

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist

  • Kinesiology Taping 1 & 2 Certified

  • Rehab Trainer Essential & Masterclass

  • Bachelor of Business Management (SMU)


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